Check out the things we sell that are great to eat!

Seasonal food items are available for purchase at our well hidden farm in Canton Center.
If you look carefully you can find us, or if you want some help click here for a map.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Eggs? Farm-fresh daily and delicious.

All you have to do is come on over and get 'em. Our tireless chickens work 24-7 to be sure you have the freshest, yummiest Canton Center eggs on your breakfast table every day!

Cluck cluck cluck - YUMM!

Homegrown Honey

Are you buzzin' for some honey?

Our bees work hard during the Spring, Summer and Fall to make enough honey for us to offer it year round. Cultivating the pollens and nectar of Canton Center to produce a blend of honey found nowhere else.

Canton Center bees are the SWEETEST!

Farm-Fresh Vegetables

Veggies? You bet!

We grow some of our own and also offer locally grown produce from the Hartford Regional Farmers Market. This produce is available from June until late September. Then we start selling pumpkins and cornstalks!

There's nothing like fresh vegetables from Case's Farm!

Homemade Maple Syrup

The sweetest in town!

We cook up our own sweet Maple Syrup right here on the farm. Using the sap of old growth Maple trees gathered here and from surrounding properties making sure your pancakes taste great! Our maple syrup is available from late February until we sell out - so hurry on down!

Case's Farm knows how to sweeten up your life!

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