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Landscape Services We Offer

Services we offer for your yard

Mowing & Weed Trimming: Let us take care of keeping your lawn looking great. With scheduled or one-time service for general grass cutting and edge trimming.
Ferilizing & Lime: With regularly scheduled fertilizing and fall liming of your lawn it will stay green and healthy
Licensed Weed Control: Because we are licensed we can offer the best solution for weed control, allowing only the high quality grasses flourishing in your little piece of heaven!!
Brush & Tree Trimming: We have the experience to trim your trees professionally and the tools to chip up the resulting brush. We also offer brush chipping as a service.

Landscaping design services

We have many years of experience with designing all types of property landscapes. We can provide you with yard and garden design as well as the design of hardscapes (such as walls, patios, terraces, driveways and water features) allowing all aspects of the design to come together into one layout for your project.

Our design services include a full layout of the finished design as well as help with selection of trees shrubs and perennials to ensure that your finished landscape will be beautiful for years to come.

We design both commercial and residential landscape properties.

Commercial and cemetery services

We servce many businesses providing scheduled landscaping services such as fertilizing, weed control, thatching, grass cutting, weed trimming, garden and planting bed maintenance (mulching, weeding, annual planting), overseeding, hedge trimming, new installations, tree trimming, tree removal, leaf removal snow removal, sanding and salting, walkway snow clearing and all outside landscape services.

We also offer these same services for cemeterys as well as grave digging and general cemetery maintenance services (stonework and related cemetery maintenance).

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Stonework and masonry services

There's nothing like having professional hardscapes on your property. We have years of experience with the design and construction of stone features for your property.

Whether it is a stone wall, patio, water feature or steps into your outdoor garden, we can install it all.

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Seasonal services

Spring: Prearation of your lawn and gardens; fertilization, overseeding, mulching, yard clean-up, mulching, planting, thatching, tree trimming; to prepare you for the growing seaon ahead!
Summer: Lawn and garden maintenance; grass cutting, weed trimming, hedge trimming, weed control, fertilization,,
Fall: Maintain your lawn and garden to prepare for the next growing season; leaf clean-up, liming, tree trimming, hedge trimming, garden bed maintenance.
Winter: Keep your paved surfaces free from snow and ice; snow plowing, snow shoveling, sanding, ice removal.

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Equipment Listing

One ton Chevy rack body trucks that also dump
Chevy K-1500 pickup trucks
Chevy K - 2500HD pickup trucks
Snow plows (8 of 9 trucks)
Stainless steel sander
10.000lb construction trailer
Landscape trailers
XL-30 Site Screener
Blockbuster firewood processor
John Deere Pro Gator utility vehicle
Bob-Cat skid steer loader with various attachments
Yanmar landscape tractor w/ backhoe attachment
Ford landscape tractor with front-end loader and various attachments
Walk behind mowers of various sizes
Ferris 61" riding mower
Snow blowers
Power brooms for spring cleanup
4 cylinder Giant-Vac leaf vacuum
65XL Bandit brush chipper
Bluebird core aerator
Bluebird slice seeder